6 June 2017

On 22nd May 2017, Ilaria Perissi from INSTM, partner of MEDEAS Project, was invited to give a talk during the "Energia 5 stelle: dal fossile a efficienza e rinnovabile. Quale via?" Conference (eng: "Energy 5 stars: from fossil fuel toward efficiency and renewables. Which way?"organized by the political movement "Movimento 5 stelle" ("5 stars movement"). 

Ilaria Perissi presented MEDEAS project and emphasized on the fact that it has exactly the aim to help policymakers in finding the way to move from fossil fuels to renewables and energy efficiency. 

Ilaria Perissi INSTM, partner MEDEAS Project, 'Energia 5 stelle: dal fossile a efficienza e rinnovabile. Quale via?'

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