24 November 2018

Which is the impact of EU on climate change?

The purpose of this work I conducted in the frame of the Project MEDEAS H2020 (also @ProjectMEDEAS, MEDEAS on Facebook) in collaboration with the Global Sustainability Institute of the Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK) and Consejo Superior the Investigation Cientifica (Barcelona, SP) is to highlight the discrepancy that currently exists between the package of measures to mitigate the climate change promoted by COP21 and those actually adopted by the European Union in the Roadmap 2050 package. 

The COP 21 goal concerns the staying within 2°C of warming by 2100. This target temperature depends on the carbon dioxide concentration that will be present in the atmosphere in 2100, from which originated the idea of “carbon budget”, namely the amount of carbon dioxide gasses we can still emit, from present to 2100, to not overtake that limit. EU measures, instead, only pledge to cut the value of 1990 greenhouse gases emissions flow rates of -80% by 2050, but without giving an estimation or a maximum ceiling of the amount of carbon dioxide will be present in the atmosphere by 2050 (and later on to 2100) thanks to those measures. This is why the impact of the ongoing EU regulations on global warming is still unestimated. 

The aim and the novelty of this study are to propose, for the first time, a carbon budget estimation for the European Union, which represents the most significant physical characteristic to assess the feasibility of current EU-28 greenhouse gas reduction objectives under the goal of 2°C of global warming promoted by 2015 Paris treaty.

Enjoy the full article reading at:
Perissi, I.; Falsini, S.; Bardi, U.; Natalini, D.; Green, M.; Jones, A.; Solé, J.

Potential European Emissions Trajectories within the Global Carbon Budget. 
Sustainability 2018, 10, 4225.

EU emissions potential Pathways by sectors  applying decarbonisation policy from 2020 and from 2030

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